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Grant Award: Junior Achievement 2019

by | Apr 12, 2020

$5,000 Awarded

“Thank you to the foundations for this gracious gift,” Lynch said. “We will be implementing the JA company program for the first time at the high school with Donna Hodgkins business class. We are very excited… I’m really excited to see this program take off … These kids will be learning about entrepreneurship and starting their own business and learning what it takes to collaborate, work together. It’s going to be really cool to see unfold and I’m so thankful for this gracious gift so we can implement this program at the high school.”

“I’m a senior at the high school and we started this program through Junior Achievement and basically it’s just like a startup company,” Priebe said. “So we were challenged to find something that would both be good to sell at the high school and in our community and the surrounding area so we came up with this startup and it’s called 7 Charms. What we do is sell lanyards and wristlets and also these charms that you can add depending on what sports your in or activities, so we made it pretty universal to sell at the high school and in the communities…that’s kind of our startup right now and on Monday (Nov. 11) we took a pitch to the bank to ask for some money to start up the company and we thought it went really well.”

The program will allow the students to identify a need in the school and the community to sell the product. The students will also learn what it takes to have a start up company. The class will receive the $5,000 through the grant the Junior Achievement received as well as from the First National Bank Bluejay Debit Card grants gave another $500 for expenses. Not only does the WAF give grants to local community organizations but the Janesville Area Foundation awarded over $8,000, along with the Rosenau Funds donating over $14,000 to Janesville Community.

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