The Waseca Area Foundation welcomes the philanthropic partnership of all who share the vision of local money granted to local people for local projects. All residents can help to grow this investment in our community through small or large donations.


Help Make A Difference

There are five major focus areas including: Education, Arts & Culture, Health & Human Services, Recreation, and Community Service.

Share Your Treasures

Waseca Area Foundation provides lasting help to our surrounding community. We impact the lives of so many people around you, your neighbors, your friends, and your family. We are here to ensure Waseca can continue to thrive and we continue to prove our value to the community. Help us keep the spirit of giving alive. Making a donation to Waseca Area Foundation will further support our mission.

Gifts to the Waseca Area Foundation can be made in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. Giving to the Foundation can be as simple as a cash donation for any amount, to one of the existing funds of the Foundation or as sophisticated as donating appreciated property. All gifts can be tailored to fit your philanthropic goals.


Jerry Rutledge was one of the visionaries who helped create the WAF in 1989. Jerry had set up a Charitable Remainder Trust for the Rutledge Family Fund, and upon his death in 2019 the gift was given to the Waseca Area Foundation.

Leave your legacy

Are you looking to leave a lasting legacy to be remembered and also lessen the tax burden on your family? Include a gift to WAF in your will or trust as part of your estate plan. Make a legacy gift to honor your life or the life of someone else. A legacy gift ensures that your generous spirit and philanthropic interests live on for all time. Legacy or endowment gifts are never spent, instead they are invested to grow. The interest earnings are available to grant, giving your gift the power to impact the community forever.

Become a Sustaining Partner

Do you want to be a part of our mission on-going? Our sustaining partners give annual monetary donations to support WAF operations. They are vital to our continued service to the Greater Waseca Area!


Kyle & Stacy Collins are annual supporters of the Sustaining Partner Program. They are an example of community members who believe in the mission and choose to give to the operational needs of the WAF.


Gyles & Carol Randall remembered the Waseca Area Foundation in their retirement planning. The benefits of their planned gifts and their generosity is benefiting the Waseca community today and will continue to in perpetuity.

Securities, Stocks, Real estate

Gifts of this nature can provide tax relief to some while providing opportunity to support our mission.

Set Up a donor Advised Fund

Take the full tax deduction when you set up the account. Then, recommend grants to charities over time.


The Abigail Claire Wendland Performing Arts Fund was established by Brad and Monica Wendland in memory of their daughter who was killed in a 2011 automobile accident.

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