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Grant Award: Beds For Kids

by | Apr 12, 2020

$10,000 Awarded

Beds for Kids

The organization Beds for Kids received a grant to purchase bed, $4,930 from EF Johnson Foundation and $5,070 Rosenau Legacy of Angels fund was given. This program has given over 1,500 beds since 2010 and it has a policy of one bed per kid per lifetime. This grant will allow the organization to purchase beds and there is a waiting list of about 10 kids currently after giving 159 beds in 2019 so far. The organization provides beds for kids who sleep in poor conditions in both Waseca and Steele counties.

“Good afternoon I am Shari Kropp, the executive director for Beds for Kids and for those of you who aren’t familiar with our program, we provide beds for children who sleep in unsuitable conditions that live in Steele and Waseca County and are between the ages of 2 to 17,” Kropp said. “We have a really big milestone coming up next year that we will be in existence for 10 years, which is great that we’re in existence but it’s also kind of sad that we have to be in existence, because that’s all those kids who don’t have beds that we’re helping out…These funds are so important to us to be able to maintain the program in Waseca County. We are a 100 percent volunteer organization, we have no paid staff and so this really, I cannot tell you how much this helps us maintain the program and we are extremely grateful, so thank you so much.”

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