The following have contributed gifts over $10,000, established a fund or remembered the community through the Waseca Area Foundation in their estate plans.



Sankovitz Family Fund-First National Bank

Anonymous / New Richland

Bud and Lorraine Schmidt

Patrice K. Abbe

Karla Schroeder

Dr. Leslie Ahlers

Gerd and Irene Schulte-Hillen

Mary Allen Dr. William Sturner

Brown Printing, Inc.

Marvin and Ardis Sutter

Arno and Gerda Buchholz

Dr. Rebecca Thompson

Allen and Gloria Butler

Jim and Moira Tippy

Karen Buum

Roy and Jeanette Tollefson

Robert and Lois Chaffin Waseca Area Hospice

Carol, Larry and Stephen Collins

Waseca Area Memorial Hospital

James and Maria Elizabeth Corchran

Waseca Arts Council

Maria Elizabeth Corchran

Waseca County Historical Society

Barry Erickson

Waseca Foods

Karla Erickson

Waseca High School Class of 1960

Esther Eustice

Waseca Mutual Insurance

June Fell Brad and Monica Wendland
Carol Fell Greg & Donnette Wheelock–Crop Insurance Svcs

Julie and Kevin Frazier

Tom and Liz Yuzer

Neil and Sharon Fruechte

Kent Schultz

Barbara Gauger

Jerry and Rita Janish

Irene Jeddeloh

Lisa and Dave Zika

Ethel and Edgar Johnson


Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Johnson


John and Jane King

Revised as of 02/24/16

Connie Larson


Linda Lohse


Betty and Homer McIntire


City of New Richland


Dan and Linda Nitz


Tim Penny


John W. Priebe Family


John Priebe


Michele Priebe


Gyles and Carol Randall


Marian E. Reinhardt

Estelle Rethwill


Dr. Wes Rethwill, Jr.


Margaret C. Roberts Trust


Paul and Sue Rosenau




Carol and Jerry Rutledge


Jerry and Linda Rutledge






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