New Richland Area Foundation Fund

This fund is a community advised according to the purpose of the fund.

This fund was originally started when a $13,918 anonymous donation was made in 2008 designated for the New Richland area.  

The growth continued in 2011 with a "Gift of Grain" from a local farmer that brought over $26,000 to the NRAF Fund. The impact that this gift has will more than double the fund's granting dollars starting in 2012.

Other smaller donations have been received in memory of those who have passed on.

By-The-Grace-Of-God Fund

This fund is advised by the donor. 

In October of 2012 By the Grace of God made 2 donations to New Richland.  One grant was $2,300 to the New Richland Police Reserve to buy equipment. 

The second donation established a New Richland Benevolence Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to help residents of the New Richland zip code in times of need. The fund has been used to prevent the shut-off of electricity, gas or water, prevent evictions and assist with other items necessary for basic human needs. To date over $5,000 has been spent on housing and over $11,000 on utility payments.  More has been spent on miscellaneous items.  We are very thankful to the By the Grace of God fund for seeing the need in New Richland and putting into action “love your neighbors as yourself”. 

The Benevolence Fund is looking for donations.  If you are interested, please make your check out to the New Richland Benevolence Fund and mail it to Trinity Lutheran Church in New Richland.   

By the Grace of God Fund sees needs and can act independently to help continue making New Richland a caring community.  We hope that the residents of New Richland will follow the fine example set by this fund. 

The fund allows the donor or other identified parties to recommend grants to organizations and projects of their choice. The generous donor is interested in working behind the scenes in support of the New Richland community.

New Richland Community Impact

The collaborative effort of the E. F. Johnson Fund, the WAF-Rosenau Fund, the New Richland Fund, and the Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund made it possible to reach out to our neighbors in New Richland with $40,000 for the repair and renovation of the New Richland Care Center that was hit by major flood devastation in September 2010.  

In October 2012, By the Grace of God Fund was able to make two grants to New Richland.  One grant was $2,300 to the New Richland Police Reserve to buy equipment.  The second donation established a New Richland Benevolence Fund.  

In 2013, By the Grace of God fund sponsored a City-wide Clean Up Day for residents of the city of New Richland.  This saved the City from budgeting the $4,000 it takes to have a clean-up day.

BTGOG Fund has given over $61,000 for New Richland projects since the fund began in February 2010.

The New Richland Area Foundation and Waseca Area Foundation join the residents of New Richland in thanking the donors for their generosity, compassion, faith and humility in caring for their community.

See also a letter to community members from NRAFF Representative, Gail Schmidt.  Click here

To view the New Richland Foundation Information Brochure click here.

To view the New Richland Foundation Information Brochure Insert click here.

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