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Fundamental Art Experience


Bruce Boyce spear-headed a grant request for a Fundamental Art Experience for preschool students at the Central School Building. Over 30 students participated, and the Waeca Area Foundation, upon completion of the six-week course, taught by professional art instructor Steve DeLaitsch, held an art opening for the kids’ parents, board members and others. We now have the art of these students displayed with their photos in our office at 501 East Elm Ave. We encourage you to stop by and view the art these children created and then displayed for their families.


The students and adults took part in a true “art-opening experience,” complete with juice, muffins and coffee. This was a meaningful socialization time for the youngsters and adults alike, as the artists were able to show and discuss their creations. One student, sitting on a chair with a muffin and juice, declared, “This is my favorite place in the whole world.”


Steve DeLaitsch hung the exhibit in the WAF office and welcomed the kids, along with Bruce Boyce, to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Both men commented that the attention span of the students increased over the six-week program, and the students were turning to art more frequently in their unscheduled time of their day. The concept for the idea came from a conversation centered around community-building within the Central School Building, with various programs and offices under the same roof.

Karen Buum, Guest Columnist at Waseca County News 03/27/14

School-wide Reading Program 

The Waseca Area Foundation and the Traverse Des Sioux Library System enriched the lives of the Waseca Junior High students and staff as well as numerous community members by providing general grants to fund the School-wide Reading Program at Waseca Junior High, as well as the community outreach of this reading program.  Funding made possible the purchase of books, Is It Night or Day? and Motherland, as well as the services of the author, Fern Schumer Chapman, who captivated students and adults alike as she poignantly shared her mother's Holocaust experience through words and pictures.

Our community is fortunate to receive the support of the Waseca Area Foundation which invests in our community and enriches the opportunities for its citizens.  Likewise, the Traverse Des Sioux grant also made this opportunity possible.  Heartfelt thanks are extended to both of these entities.

David Oraskovich, Waseca Junior High School English Teacher  

Letter to the Editor at Waseca County News 03/09/11

Here's to Our Heroes - Reading Saves the Day

Hartley Elementary students and staff continue to be gifted by many wonderful people.  It warms my heart to know that our students receive the support of so many friends of education.

Our reading theme this year at Hartley Elementary is "Here's to Our Heroes - Reading Saves the Day". Our students are learning more about the jobs and special ways the "Waseca Community Heroes" impact our lives in such positive ways.

On February 2, Hartley Elementary hosted "Hartley's Hero Day"!  25 of our local Waseca Heroes came to share a bit about their community experiences/jobs and read books to a classroom full of excited students! On behalf of ALL of the students and staff at Hartley Elementary, I want to thank all of the "Hometown Heroes" that shared their time and expertise with us.  We recognize that the job YOU do is vital to the success of our community.  YOU are a HERO and we enjoyed the opportunity to learn the importance of being a local hero and taking an active role in our community!

Hartley Elementary staff awards "Reading Winners" with a ride home from school in a fire truck!  Gary Conrath has helped us coordinate this reading event and our students anxiously await the announcement of the winners for this prize! Thanks, Waseca Firefighters!

A special note of thanks goes to the Waseca Area Foundation and the Hartley PTO.  The WAF has generously accepted our request for interdisciplinary science opportunities to enhance our curriculum. Each grade level had the opportunity to work with the MN Zoo Staff or the Science Museum of MN staff on a specific unit.

I am proud to be a part of such a caring community!

Deb Hoelmer, Hartley/JH Media Director

Letter to the Editor at Waseca County News 03/01/11

New Richland Community Impact 2010

The collaborative effort of the E. F. Johnson Fund, the WAF-Rosenau Fund, the New Richland Fund, and the Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund made it possible to reach out to our neighbors in New Richland with $40,000 for the repair and renovation of the New Richland Care Center that was hit by major flood devastation in September 2010.

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